Quantum Energy Card

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Quantum Energy Cards have been created to encourage the body’s subtle energy systems to give clearer signals and commands to the various systems of the body.  While we are often told that we live in a world that is environmentally polluted, we are now becoming more aware that our world is also awash in electromagnetic signals (electro-smog). There are literally thousands and thousands of these signals broadcast 24 hours a day, ranging from very low to extremely high frequencies. Signals are generated for radios, televisions, emergency and first-responder communications, cell phones, GPS tracking etc. The body is being forced to deal with these random, confusing interruptions and interferences to its own electrical system.

Through many years of research, we have found a unique way to encode specific frequencies and information into our cards that are able to encourage the body’s electrical system to be more coherent, organized and resilient. We have also even been able to confirm that the body recognizes these inputs, and through electroencephalograph tests (EEG) show that the brain responds within seconds to these inputs. Our EEG results have been verified by a major American university. We now know that the many benefits that have been reported to us by our customers are not simple placebo reactions, but are real, verifiable, lasting and cumulative benefits.

Reports are coming to us daily, telling us of relief delivered to many suffering users.  We certainly understand that people struggle to understand how all this works. There are many videos on YouTube teaching about quantum mechanics, but even those are difficult to comprehend. Think of it this way: when you go to the grocery store and use your bank card to make a purchase, does it work? It does. But do you understand how it works? We really don’t. We just want it to work when we need to buy something. The same is true about our cards. You may not understand how it works, you just want the desired beneficial response in the body.

Quantum Energy Card